Welcome to Skylands Professional Audio

Since 1997 Skylands Professional Audio has provided comprehensive technical support to hundreds of clients for events ranging from concerts and entertainment to corporate and industrial. Our mission is to provide superior technical support services to virtually any industry requiring professional production services, whether installed or in the field.

Our Services

Skylands Pro Audio provides superior production value to entertainment and industrial productions of all kinds. Our expert staff will work with you on every aspect of your production from concept to completion.


Skylands’ client base includes some of the Northeast’s most exciting music festival events and most prestigious international corporations. Our concert sound systems are readily configurable for audience sizes from 10 to 10,000 and we have provided sound for thirteen festival stages in a single event. Our Mobile Recording unit has recorded 104 simultaneous tracks across eleven stages. We specialize in reinforcing Symphony Orchestras and have worked with some of the greatest names in Jazz, New Acoustic, Blues, Bluegrass, Folk, World Music and Spoken Word.




For over two decades Skylands has provided expert audio and IMAG video projection services to an impressive list of celebrity speakers including presidents, cabinet members, foreign dignitaries, religious leaders, journalists, scientists and television personalities. Skylands now provides HD live streaming video services to help our clients reach a worldwide audience through the Internet. We also offer teleprompter and transcription services to assist both presenters and archivists.



Auditoriums, churches, nightclubs, theaters, restaurants and retail spaces all share the common need for excellent sound to help keep their patrons and customers smiling. Skylands can provide sound design solutions for every type of venue and provide competitively priced, state-of-the-art equipment that will hold its value and resist obsolescense in a rapidly changing technological enviornment.